MOT 010 | How Do We Justify New Tools
Makers on Tap

00:00 / 52:31
Maker News
  1. [03:15] Open Builds Black Box control system gets an update
  2. [12:48] Open Builds cloud cam software enters open beta
  3. [18:00] CNC Kitchen creates a video series on how to measure the stiffness vs strength of printed parts.
  4. [21:22] Deepnest discussion
Running a Makerspace
  1.  [27:44] A quick mention on taking a periodic look at your makerspace’s bylaws
Main Topic
  1. [30:17] How do we justify obtaining new tools?
  1.  Intro music: “Organic to Synthetic” by Punch Deck. Check out his awesome work over on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube.
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