MOT 012 | Shiny Project Syndrome
Makers on Tap

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If it sounds like we’re talking over ourselves a lot, it’s because we did. We tested out a new voip chat platform and the latency just wasn’t where it should be and caused a loss of social cues.

Maker News
  1. [02:23] Petoi, the open source kitty cat robot gets an indiegogo campaign
  2. [05:56] Copyright Office Reforms Right to Repair Laws (after relentless persuading)
  3. [14:00] Researchers find a way to identify an individual printer
Running a Makerspace
  1.  [20:00] Officer nominations and a note on how we’re dealing with children at the makerspace
Main Topic
  1. [27:19] Why and when do we move onto new projects without completing previous ones
  1.  Intro music: “Organic to Synthetic” by Punch Deck. Check out his awesome work over on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube.
  1. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, on the show, we want you to let us know! Head over to, or any of our social media pages and let us know what you think!

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